M80 SuperSpeed Kompressor

available in:
Standard 3 & 5 Woods
Offset 3 & 5 Woods




It's chemical composition consists of titanium, vanadium, tin, chromium and aluminum. Solution and heat treated to 1450 degrees F it becomes one of the strongest alloys available. Cold crushed under 600,000 pounds of pressure into an ultra thin hitting surface its highly reactive nature maximizes one of the most sought after qualities in golf ... distance.

                                                                                      High Launch
Comprised of an ultra light titanium construction the club head strategically re-positions weight around the circumference of the body and joins it with a low center of gravity. This permits the use of a deeper, larger hitting surface for expanded performance from the rough or tee while offering a high launching, soaring ball flight from tighter fairway lies. Superior perimeter weighting stabilizes the club head for straighter shots and aids in better direction and distance on mis hits.
                                        Weight Adjustable - Customizable for Longer/Shorter Length or Spin Control
For taller golfers or players seeking to maximize club head speed the club head can be reduced in weight to accommodate longer club lengths of 1 to 2 inches above standard. Conversely, the club head can be increased in weight to provide club lengths 1 or 2 inches less than standard to comfortably fit men and women requiring reduced lengths or for golfers seeking to improve center contact. For standard lengths the club can be adjusted for spin control or feel by adding more weight to heel for draw bias, to the toe for fade bias or by adding heavier weight to both the heel and toe for reduced spin rate. Each club comes with a weight kit featuring eight gram, five gram and two gram weights that can vary club head weight to length and feel preferences. Instead of being restricted to standard 3 wood head weights of 210-212 grams  the M80 SuperSpeed Kompressor fairway woods offer various weighting configurations allowing each golfer the opportunity to optimize the clubs to their personal needs.
                                                                     User Friendly in Standard and Offset

Featuring a smooth glide sole plate and bermuda grind leading edge the clubs ride the turf while preventing over digging for clean contact and reduced strain. High flying for increased carry distance and tour-like trajectory suiting golfers who are vertically challenged and in need of better flight characteristics. Easier to square for straighter shots thanks to a higher MOI the clubs are designed for all purpose, user friendly performance. Available in standard and offset versions in 3 and 5 woods the M80 Superspeed Kompressor fairway woods offer a uniquely powerful titanium together with game improvement features to make short work of the long game.  


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    Specifications  +/-           3

Lie Angle 58 59
Face Angle -0.5 -0.5
Weight 204-219 gms 211-226 gms 
Hosel Bore .335 .335
Lofts 15.5 18.5
                              Right Hand Only   



   Available in club head only or assembled with G60 60 gram ultra light graphite, the all new GMAXX 48 gram ultra light graphite – the only premium ultra light shaft specifically designed for senior players ages 50 and older  and the Aura 55 gram ultra light graphiteCustom Assembled with Head Cover  $149 to $199.  See below for details.

G60 by Graman – Designed for golfers with faster, more agressive swing tempos  seeking stability, consistency and control together with increased club head speed for greater distance. Manufactured with extremely precise symmetry and low torque using state of the art technology and the finest raw materials available in the world. Factory spine aligned and frequency certified to insure unmatched performance. Available in Stiff (94– 105mph), Regular (83-94mph) and Senior (83mph and below). Weight: 60 grams, Torque: 3.3, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Liquid Silver.  

GMAXXX 48  by Graman– Designed exclusively for smooth swinging senior golfers who desire maximum club head speed for the absolute longest distance with accuracy and control. Each shaft is manufactured with the highest strain graphite fibers produced by Mitsubishi Rayon of Japan. Constructed with multiple high modulus, high strain micro plies for unmatched consistency, responsiveness and feel with ultra low spin rate. Frequency certified and factory spine aligned to insure total performance. Available in 4 flexes to fit the needs of all senior swing speed ranges - Stiff ( 92-100mph), Regular (84-92mph), Senior (76-84mph) and Super Senior ( 75mph and below).  Weight: 48 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Metallic Burgundy.  

Aura 55 by Omega – An all new ultra light weight graphite shaft that delivers increased club head speed while promoting consistent control. Manufactured with high modulus, ultra high strength 40T graphite fibers its feather light construction and low torque offer a unique blend of high energy transfer with minimal effort. Suits a wide range of golfers seeking enhanced distance at an incredible value.  Available in Stiff (93-100mph), Regular (84-92mph), Senior (74-83mph) and Super Senior (below 73mph) flexes. Weight: 52-56 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Matte Black   




"I have had many different 3 woods over the past 20 years and never could hit one. Gave up on it. Your 3 wood is awesome. I played with it this week and used it off the tee. It worked better than the many drivers I have tried over the years. Thank you very much!" M.C. 

"Just got my new SuperSpeed 3 and 5 woods. What great fairway clubs! Nice high trajectory and 40 straight yards further! I was wowed !" N.A.

"I gave up on hitting a 3 wood years ago becuse it just didn't work but I'm glad I decided to try the M80 titanium 3 wood. I haven't missed a shot since I got it. Goes right where I'm aiming and remarkably high with great distance. I'm very pleased and pleasantly surprised." J.B.

"The 3 wood is amazing! First time using it on my second shot to a par 5 I put it on the fringe from about 270 yards out. The group ahead was putting on the green and I had to apologize as I had never hit a fairway wood that far before. I'm 68 years old and have been playing for a long time. I've had many fairway woods but this thing is like a rocket. P.S. Just ordered the 5 wood." B.W.  


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