BEST SENIOR GOLF DRIVER REVIEWS - "a 25 yard increase in my distance"

Senior flex golf drivers for slow & average swing speeds seeking maximum distance      Offset and draw bias golf drivers to correct and combat slices & fades. .


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NEW for 2018
Advanced Distance Technology

Engineered in the United States for Maximum Performance.

Ultra Light Drivers

Fuses ultra light aerospace materials to create maximum speed. For the longest distance gains. Right/Left Hand gainsgains

Standard & Offset

Senior Golf

Special Edition drivers optimized for slower swinging senior golfers. Provides significant distance increases for players ages 50 - 90. 

Available in all models


Superior control and accuracy. Adjustable loft, weight & face angle for perfect fit, draw bias or increased speed.  

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Weight Adjustable for Driver Lengths from 43.5" to 48" 

NEW! Aerospace Beta Titanium Fairway Woods 

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Designed to Benefit Average Players & Senior Golfers Seeking Increased Distance

"I bought the senior M80 LightSpeed with 48" shaft. The driver is phenomenal ... close to a 40 yard increase. Thanks. W.P 


"Bought the adjustable offset M80 driver for seniors. 25-30 much needed yards further than my Cobra and straighter as well  ... seems to be the ticket" G.R. 

  "I'm 62 years old and weigh 120 lbs. Bought the M80 LightSpeed driver. Hitting drives over 250 as opposed to 220 before. Love this driver." G.P. 

I purchased the M80 ultra light driver and was amazed. I hit to about 210-215 and now I am between 240-250. Absolutely delighted."  M.H. 


"I bought your Offset M80 Anti Slice driver and I must say it gave me an extra 35 yards STRAIGHT down the middle. Best money I ever spent. J.M.

  "Best driver that I have ever owned and hit. I am 69, 5''5", 140 lbs and have added 20-30 yards off the tee and consistently hit a soft draw." L.D. 

"I bought the Senior offset LightSpeed driver and I do hit it at least 25 yards further. So I bought the 3 wood and love it also." K.S. .


"I'm in my late 80's and play several times a week. With your light weight driver & 48 gram shaft I'm averaging 15 yards more. Good hits about 30" C.S.

  "after spending over thirty thousand dollars on golf equipment in my lifetime yours is the first product that made me say WOW! T.S. 


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Premium Materials and Manufacturing for Superior Results at Factory Direct Prices.

We'll leave the gimmicks for the other companies.




 Highest Quality Materials & Manufacturing for 

Peak Performance since 1999


        Premium Materials and Manufacturing for Superior Results at Factory Direct Prices.We'll leave the gimmicks for the other companies.  

     We'll leave the gimmicks for the other companies    



  • Constructed with Aerospace Beta titanium for maximum ball speed & distance

  • Precision one piece vacuum cast construction for the utmost in quality & durability

  • Enhanced structural rigidity promoting increased rebound and fulcrum effect

  • Optimized center of gravity & grooveless hitting surface promote low spin rates

  • Thermally processed at extreme temperature to achieve heightened hardness & strength

  • Offered in Standard & Offset Anti Slice drivers in Adjustable and High Speed Ultra Light

  • Special Edition versions for senior golfers and slower swing speeds seeking extra distance

  • Available in component head or custom assembled with choice of 3 ultra light shafts 


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Studies show that the average driving distance for amateur golfers is 215 yards. Lower handicap players (10 or less) average about 232 yards while high handicap players average 198 yards off the tee. When compared to tour players and top amateurs who routinely hit 300 plus yard drives how can the average player compete? The answer is technology. Specifically, a unique line of clubs designed to enhance distance for average players, senior golfers or anyone who is tired of struggling for extra yardage ... even golfers with a slice.

In the 1990’s a golf industry pioneer began experimenting with exotic metal alloys with the goal of creating technologically advanced distance clubs. His research found that one specific titanium alloy demonstrated the ability to generate unprecedented ball speed. Engineered in the United States for critical application use in aeronautics and spacecraft, Aerospace Beta Titanium exhibits this superior performance trait. Greatly advanced over the standard 6-4 titanium commonly used in golf drivers, its enhanced tensile strength allows for the use of a strategically improved  hitting surface which transfers maximum energy to the golf ball.

Machined to exacting military specifications, Aerospace Beta Titanium acts much like an amplifier – utilizing the input power at impact to obtain a greater magnitude of power through a relay action. An extensive manufacturing process requires 54 individual steps and over 100 hours of production time. In addition, intensive heat and solution treatments thermally process the Aerospace Beta Titanium insuring peak strength and hardness.

Combining this distance enhancement technology with today’s modern club head designs has resulted in the creation of two new drivers: the Ultra Light M80 LightSpeed ™   and the Adjustable M80 SuperSpeed Kompressor™.  Available in Standard and Offset Anti Slice models and in two versions:  Special Edition - specially modified to provide senior golfers and slower swing speed players with more distance and Enhanced - designed for players with swing speeds above 90 mph. Each driver incorporates the same Hyper Distance Technology while offering strategic benefits aimed at an individual golfer’s swing profile. 

For the average golfer who tends to hit relatively straight drives the M80 LightSpeed  and  M80 SuperSpeed Kompressor  drivers provide a concentrated mixture of distance, control and forgiveness. Formed with a new dual stage, grooveless hitting surface, launch angles and spin rates are optimized while expanding the sweet spot for better results on mis-hits.  (M80 driver reviews

For the golfer who struggles with slices or pushes, the Offset M80 LightSpeed SST driver offers the best of both worlds: authentic anti-slice driver technology and the excitement of powerfully long drives. Constructed with a one-of-a-kind offset hosel it is designed to counteract the improper impact positions which cause slices and pushes. Instead of the weak, glancing contact the club face easily squares for on-target direction and total energy transfer. Longer. Straighter. More powerful. The Offset M80's  are the perfect drivers for the imperfect swing. (Offset M80 driver reviews

Offering advanced titanium for the longest drives, the M80 LightSpeed and M80 SuperSpeed Kompressor drivers are the clubs designed especially for the needs of the average golfer. Those who need longer and those who need straighter. That’s why the M80 drivers utilize state-of-the-art  Aerospace Beta Titanium.  It offers golfers of all abilities the opportunity for maximum distance gains and more game enjoyment. It is the applied science of distance and the material difference found only in the TPF line of Aerospace Beta Titanium golf clubs

NEW for 2015!  Ultra Light Irons for Senior Golfers  


Adjustable Light Weight High Speed Ultra Light High Speed Offset
M80 SuperSpeed Kompressor M80 LightSpeed HyperTi Offset M80 LightSpeed SST

For golfers seeking total  adjustability for "in the fairway control" with better distance. High moment of inertia and 3 way adjustability for loft, weight and face angle offer extreme accuracy, ideal trajectory, draw bias setting & higher club head speed. Dual Tone Alignment System sets club on target. Variable weight club head fits club lengths from 47" to 43.5"  For complete details Click Here

For golfers seeking to maximize club head speed for the longest possible distance. 5 settings from Fade Bias to Maximum Draw Bias for perfect fit. Variable weight driver head adjusts from 176 grams to 207 grams allowing club lengths from 48" down to 44". Provides maximum speed and distance at 47"-48". Can be reduced in length to fit. For complete details  Click Here

For golfers seeking fade or slice control  together with maximum club head speed for the longest possible distance or better distance at shorter lengths. Variable weight driver head adjusts from 190 grams to 210 grams allowing club lengths from 48" down to mini driver length of 43.5". Provides maximum distance at 47"- 48". Can be reduced in length to fit.
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NEW!  Aerospace Beta Titanium Fairway Woods - Offset & Standard

 Crushed under 600,000 pounds of pressure to form an ultra thin, high powered hitting surface



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