Best Golf Drivers for Senior Golfers and Average Players for 2019   

  Increase Speed & Distance

Golf Clubs Engineered for

Senior Golfers & Average Players

Longer Drives  *  Correct Fades/Slices  *  Accuracy

Speed Enhanced   Senior Golf Drivers

Premium aerospace materials increase speed by up to 10% for max distance

Variable Weight club heads from 176 to 210 grams. Driver lengths from 43" to 48".  

Adjust for Draw Bias, Fade Control, Straight & more.  


Special Edition drivers optimized for slower swing speeds

Improved performance for ages 50 to 90 & speeds below 89 mph

Choose from Drivers, Irons & Fairways 


Driver Reviews   Offset Driver Reviews
"I want to compliment you on your senior ultra light driver. Been using the club for a month or so and I have gained 20 to 30 yards. Took a few rounds to get used to the length but it performs as described." S.I.    "I got your offset driver last fall and it has exceeded my expectations. The offset has straightened out my drives & I have increased my driving distance by 20 to 40 yards. Better than I thought possible." J.E
"Played three rounds with my new driver. This driver is LONGER! I call it the "fountain of youth"! Any senior golfer ( I am 66 with an 85 mph swing speed) who doesn't have this driver is losing 25 yards." P.E.   "Three weeks ago I received your light weight offset driver and had a chance to play a number of rounds with it.  I'm 80 years old and hit a drive 238 yards for the first time in many years." D S
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*Precision Manufactured Since 1999

* Highest Quality Premium Cast Titanium Construction

* Lowest Direct to Consumer Wholesale Pricing without Retail Markup


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Optimized for Average to Slow Swing Speeds


Lack of distance. It's a condition that affects senior players and average golfers alike. It can be  age related or simply due to an inability to generate high swing speeds. Regardless of the cause short tee shots rob golfers of the opportunity for lower scores. Struggling to reach par 4's in two is frustrating and just no fun. Expensive, off the rack golf drivers pretty much all hit the same and work fine for younger golfers with high swing speeds. But that leaves out virtually every senior player and average golfer whose driver swing speed is somewhere between 65 and 99 mph. Low end gimmick clubs advertised on golf channels sound good but just end up under performing with less distance. So what can actually increase distance for golfers with average and slower swing speeds? A simple combination of engineering principles that, when properly combined, increase speed and distance. What's more ... it actually works.

Maximize Distance. Increase Control.

The mechanical advantage of compelling more force for the purpose of increasing speed and distance. Simply put -  it is the combination of ultra light aerospace materials together with the science of leverage. As an example a catapult that has a longer arm length will hurl a rock farther. The same reaction occurs with a golf driver but with a stipulation.  When you increase the length of a regular driver you also increase the swingweight of the club which places considerable stress on the hands, wrists and arms making the club unwieldy and difficult to swing. But if you have a club head that can easily and readily adjust in weight to accommodate both longer and shorter club lengths then you have a driver that can deliver exactly what a golfer wants. For the longest possible distance gains the club head can be reduced in weight by as much as 20 grams less than standard driver heads to accommodate longer club lengths such as 47” to 48”. This reduction in club head weight allows the club to remain light and easy to swing while significantly increasing club head speed by as much as 10% resulting in considerably longer drives. Or, for golfers who simply need more control or seek pinpoint accuracy, the club head can be increased in weight by as much as 10 grams more than standard  for driver lengths as short as 43” – all while maintaining the ideal swingweight for proper feel . But this is just part of the solution.

To achieve peak performance the club head itself must be made with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. Instead of a cheaply made forged titanium head (forged heads are made by stamping out plates of titanium and welding them together) these drivers utilize a one piece, precision casting process incorporating the highest grade titanium alloy body and premium aerospace beta titanium hitting surfaces for enhanced energy transfer. Specialized heat and solution treatments optimize hardness, strength and durability and insure quality second to none.

Tested and Proven.

Researched and developed by a golf industry pioneer in 1990's and continually updated with modern advancements the clubs have a proven track record of performance as tested by both machine and golfers worldwide. From the use of state-of-the-art aerospace beta titanium and precision casting to the development of a one-of-a-kind offset hosel the drivers offer unmatched performance for senior golfers, average players and high to low handicaps. 

"I'm a senior golfer who has been playing since I was 8 years old. I'm 5'6" 130 lbs and have been using a Taylor Made 9 degree senior flex which I averaged 185 yards and hit 72% of the fairways. My goal was to get 215 yards. So I purchased the M80 LightSpeed 9 degree 48" driver with senior flex. After a month of playing 3 times a week I experimented with the weighting and settled on two 8 gram and one 2 gram with a draw bias. I changed from an NXT to a Callaway Super Soft and now I am averaging 210 yards and 90% of the fairways hit. Nuff said. I bought this figuring it would go to the basement. Instead, the Taylor Made is now down there. I firmly believe that the combination of longer shaft, proper weighting and softer ball went together to solve the problem. Club is a keeper." J.F.

Quality & Results at Wholesale Pricing 

High quality does not have to equal high price. Available as component club heads or assembled with your choice of 3 ultra light graphite shafts in stiff, regular, senior and super senior flexes assembled drivers are available at direct wholesale pricing from $189.

Which Club Fits You?

Choose from 3 Driver Models to Fit Your Swing & Goals
Maximum Speed & Distance - Weight adjustable technology from 176 to 207 grams for driver lengths from 44" to 48" plus 6 six control options including 3 Draw Bias settings. For complete details CLICK HERE 
Correct Fades & Slice- Unique offset driver sets for Fade Control, Anti Slice, Draw & more for in the fairway control. Weight adjustable for driver lengths from 43" to 48".  RIGHT HAND or LEFT HAND
More Control & Accuracy - High launch, light weight driver with high MOI for straighter drives with adjustable loft and Draw Bias. Lengths from 43.5" to 47". Ideal for slow swinging seniors. DETAILS HERE 


Aerospace Beta Titanium Fairway Woods in Offset & Standard
Crushed under 600,000 pounds of pressure to form an ultra thin, high power hitting surface




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