Glossary of Golf Terms

Aged, Aging – A change in the properties of metals and alloys that occurs as a result of elevated heat and/or solution treatments increasing strength and hardness while reducing ductibilty. 


Aerospace Beta Titanium – A metastable beta titanium alloy manufactured to military specifications in the United States whose high strength to weight ratio qualifies it for critical application use in aeronautics and spacecraft.


C.O.R. – ( Coefficient of Restitution ) A measurement determining the spring like effect or the ability of the club face to rebound after impact which is expressed as a percentage by measuring the rebound speed as compared to the pre-impact speed of the golf ball.


C.T. – ( Characteristic Time ) Another form of measuring impact efficiency or spring like effect by determining the response of a driver face to an object impacting it and expressing the duration of contact in nanoseconds.


CTFT – ( Consistently Thin Face Technology ) A uniformly thin club face encompassing the entire hitting surface.


Cup Face – A specially designed hitting surface formed by hydraulic compression by expanding and folding the perimeter of the face to attach to the club head back onto the body. This effectively enlarges the sweet spot offering increased forgiveness.


Hosel – The protruding portion of the club head into which the shaft is inserted.


Hyper Distance Technology – A combination of design and technological improvements encompassing the merger of cup face, CTFT, MOI and premium beta alloy to enhance distance performance.


M.O.I. - ( Moment of Intertia )  The ability of a club head to resist twisting on off-center hits.


Slice – A shot that curves severely from left to right.


Sweet Spot – The center of mass on a clubface.


Trampoline Effect – The spring like effect or bounce back of the clubface which adds to the force of a shot.