M80 LightSpeed SST
available in:
Special Edition - for Seniors & swing speeds below 89 mph
Enhanced - for average swing speeds from 90 - 100 mph

Available in Left Hand

Designed for a low spin, more boring trajectory with significantly more roll distance 


“I normally hit my drives around 210-215 yards with the occasional one out to 230. The very first drive I hit with the M80 Lightspeed went 258 yards. I thought I was hitting good drives before I hit your driver"  J.S. 


Also available in:    Left Hand Offset     Right Hand    Right Hand Offset


High Speed Ultra Light, Variable Weight and Mini Drivers


Maximum distance, maximum control or a combination of both - one driver fuses power, precision and performance for any handicap seeking straighter and longer drives. Featuring Speed and Spin Technology, premium titanium, variable weighting and individualized balance the all new M80 LightSpeed SST gives every golfer the benefit of unmatched distance with personalized control.

                                                   Choose How Far You Want to Hit Your Drives

Ordinary driver heads weigh around 200 grams and are designed for fixed standard lengths from 45" to 46". But the M80 LightSpeed SST gives golfers a choice. For golfers seeking the longest possible drives the club head can be weghted at 184 grams to 193 grams to accommodate longer club lengths of 47" to 48" creating up to 12% more swing speed without swinging harder while remaining ultra light weight and easy to control. The result: significantly longer distance (see reviews below). For golfers seeking pinpoint accuracy the club head can be weighted at 208 grams with Mini Driver lengths of 43.5" or 44" producing drive after drive down the middle of the fairway. For golfers seeking a blend of power and precision the club head can be weighted at 196 grams to 202 grams to fit club lengths of 44.5" to 46.5" offering superior distance together with managed control. For golfers who want the most distance but are unsure of using longer club lengths the driver can be ordered at 47" (48" if experienced with longer club lengths) and, if desired, can be reduced in length to a comfortable size and weight as each club comes with a weight kit supplying  (4) 2 gram weights, (2) 5 gram weights and (2) 8 gram weights allowing complete personalization for length, feel and spin control. Mini Driver clubs come pre-weighted at 208 grams.

                                                                       Quality Second to None

Peak performance enhancement is made possible only from the use of top quality materials and manufacturing processes. A precision, one piece cast titanium body and aerospace beta titanium hitting surface provide the base and fulcrum for optimized power transfer. Manufactured with contrasting chemical compositions and exposed to specialized thermal treatments the impact interaction combined with enhanced swing speed repels the ball with greater force for an ideal smash factor ( the most efficient transfer of energy ). A wider hitting surface, 60mm face depth and adjustable center of gravity promotes more stability and offers better distance and forgiveness on mishits. Crafted with a sleeker, more aerodynamic design with air flow channels in the crown and sole to enhance high speed performance its matte black paint and black PVD finish serve to instill an understated sense of raw power.

                                             Special Versions for Senior Golfers & Average Players

Fine tuned for golfers with different swing speeds the club is available in two versions: Special Edition - for senior golfers and slower swing speeds below 89 mph and Enhanced - for golfers with swing speeds from 90 to 100 mph. Extensively tested the M80 LightSpeed SST provides golfers with a club that rewards good swings with thrillingly long drives while pardoning bad hits with above average length. Uniquely designed to fulfill varying needs it is the one driver that replaces empty promises with proven results while offering distance performance that is the best of the best.

Mini Drivers: For the utmost in control the M80 Lightspeed SST comes in a specially weighted 208 gram head designed for shorter 43.5 or 44" club lengths. Unlike other mini drivers that use a tiny 235cc club head the M80 offers a full sized driver head with premium aerospace beta titanium for the best distance, forgivness and overall performance available.  



   Available in driver head only or assembled with G60 60 gram ultra light graphite, the all new GMAXX 48 gram ultra light graphite – the only premium ultra light shaft specifically designed for senior players ages 50 and older  and the Vizion 55 gram ultra light graphiteCustom Assembled with Head Cover  $189 to $229.  See below for details.

G60 by Graman – Designed for golfers with faster swing tempos or players seeking more control with longer club lengths. Provides  PPPPOOPstability, consistency and control together with increased club head speed for greater distance. Manufactured with extremely precise symmetry and low torque using state of the art technology and the finest raw materials available in the world. Factory spine aligned and frequency certified to insure unmatched performance. Available in Stiff (96– 105mph), Regular (84-95mph) and Senior (83mph and below). Weight: 60 grams, Torque: 3.3, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Liquid Silver.  

GMAXXX 48  by Graman– Designed exclusively for smooth swinging senior golfers who desire maximum club head speed for the absolute longest distance with accuracy and control. Each shaft is manufactured with the highest strain graphite fibers produced by Mitsubishi Rayon of Japan. Constructed with multiple high modulus, high strain micro plies for unmatched consistency, responsiveness and feel with ultra low spin rate. Frequency certified and factory spine aligned to insure total performance. Suitable for all shaft lengths. Available in 4 flexes to fit the needs of all senior swing speed ranges - Stiff ( 92-100mph), Regular (84-92mph), Senior (76-84mph) and Super Senior ( 75mph and below).  Weight: 48 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Metallic Burgundy.  

Aura 55 by Omega – An all new ultra light weight graphite shaft that delivers increased club head speed while promoting consistent control. Manufactured with high modulus, ultra high strength 40T graphite fibers its feather light construction and low torque offer a unique blend of high energy transfer with minimal effort. Suits a wide range of golfers seeking enhanced distance at an incredible value.  Available in Stiff (93-100mph), Regular (84-92mph), Senior (74-83mph) and Super Senior (below 73mph) flexes. Weight: 52-56 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Matte Black   



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Specifications +/-

Lie Angle

Face Angle -0.5
Weight Variable 184-208 gms
Hosel Bore .335
Lofts 9.5  10.5 
Left Hand  

NEW!  Aerospace Beta Titanium Fairway Woods - Offset & Standard

 Crushed under 600,000 pounds of pressure to form an ultra thin, high powered hitting surface 

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(Did you know? Many websites PAY for the reviews they use on their products. We use only unsolicited testimonials that have been voluntarily submitted by actual customers who have purchased our products.) 


"I'm 74 and ordered your ultra light driver and must admit that I am both impressed and amazed. I tested it against my Ping G30 and without a doubt I am 20 to 30 yards longer. I have it set up just the way it came and I'm hitting 99% of the balls dead center. Very pleased with the club and I will be buying more from you in the future." R.P.

"Ordered the M80 LightSpeed with longer senior flex shaft and I am very, very pleased. First time out with it and I averaged 20 to 30 yards longer. Have it set on slight draw bias and will experiment with the other settings. I will also be buying the 3 wood next" C.T.

"I'm 95 and play 4 times a week. Hoping to find a driver that could me a little more distance. I got the LightSpeed 47" driver and played my first round with it. Hit every drive down the middle and about 20 yards longer. Glad I found you" F.R.

"Don't usually write reviews but this is by far the best and longest driver I have owned. I am 66 and have lowered my handicap from an 11 to a 6 since getting your driver. I am easily 40 yards longer than before." R.B.

“I normally hit my drives around 210-215 yards with the occasional one out to 230. The very first drive I hit with the M80 Lightspeed went 258 yards! I thought I was hitting good drives before I hit your driver. Can’t wait to use it on my upcoming golf trip.” J.S. 

“ Played three rounds with my new LightSpeed driver.  This driver is LONGER, i call it the "fountain of youth"! Any senior golfer (i am 66 with 85 mph swing speed) who doesn't have this club is losing 25 yards. Now again hitting irons into par four instead of fairway woods!!!  Thank you TPF Golf!!”  P.E. 

"I usually drive around 180-190 yards and once in a while to 205. The first time I used my new LightSpeed driver with Gmaxxx 47" shaft I was getting drives to carry at least 220 yards not counting roll. Of course this didn't happen everytime but even my mishits were going over 200. I am very pleased and will be buying more clubs from you in the future." T.M. 

"I am 84 and use a 48" Ping driver. I hit your M80 Lightspeed driver today that another player had and drove my ball 36 yards longer than my longest drive. I just placed an order for one of my own". T.S.

"I set up the new driver as you suggested with the two heavier weights in the heel for draw bias. Dead straight now. Man does that club roll on the Florida turf. Thank you for the extra 20 yards." C.K..

"I got your 48 inch ultra light driver. I hit it a mile high and LONG. With my Callaway XR I was hitting a 5 wood into 18. I now it over the trees (dogleg left) leaving a wedge or 9 iron. AWESOME!" Angelo  

"I was able to practice one day (high of 40 degrees) and got a good feel for the M80 LightSpeed driver. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I was able to play with the guys. The fairways were really wet and the highs were in the upper 40's. I could really tell a difference in the height and distance. My solid drives were 15 yards longer and my misses were around the distance of my Taylor Made M-2 drives. I am sure that when it warms up and dries out I will see a greater difference." D.M. 

"I want to complement you on your senior ultra light driver. I've been using the club for a month or so and I have gained 20 to 30 yards. It took a few rounds to get used to the longer length but once I became adjusted it performs as described. It's nice to find a product that actually works. Thank you." S.I.

"Your (my new) club (M80 LightSpeed SST) really does add 30-40 yards. I can carry a tee shot almost 200 yds , up from 160 yds. Thanks. Well worth the money!  " D.S.

"Used the driver (Special edition M80 LightSpeed SST) for the first time today and I cannot believe the distance and straight flight. I am cynical when I read such things but I hit over fairway bunkers that I never have in 13 years at my club. 20 to 25 yards extra but swinging easy is the key." J.K. England

"I am 67 years old and had my second hip replacement December 2014. For the first time in 25 years, no pain! Have been doing physical therapy, conditioning, and stretching for 15 months with an idea of beginning to play golf "for real" (after basically just hitting balls for recreation due to hips). Joined a country club last September and began playing regularly. Just in last month FINALLY got to where I felt I had a fairly consistent swing, so began to look around at equipment, especially drivers. Was hitting my driver fairly well but was interested in what "new technology" might be able to do to help. Ran across your website and to be honest, couldn't really believe the number of positive reviews about your driver. But for the price I figured "What the hey, I can take a chance!" Glad I did! Driver got here within a few days of ordering, but due to weather and my schedule was not able to play with it until this past weekend. Quite simply -- unbelievable. Hit 10 of 12 fairways. Each drive was laser straight at the target I selected. Consistently carried 260-280 in the air. Best drive was on a 483 par five, my rangefinder told me my second shot was 150 to pin! Really cannot believe this club is for real. Great product. Much thanks!"  Bill 

"WOW I'm 71 and been playing for a long time. The driver is absolutely great. Hit a good 75 yards longer. Let my brother use it. His mouth is still open." H.M.

"I'm impressed. I bought your M80 LightSpeed driver and am averaging 250 yards with it. I'm 73 and keeping up with the big boys 30 years under my age. As you might guess I love the driver! M.L.

"Just thought I’d send you a note on my new M80 Ultra-Light. LOVE THIS CLUB! Really impressed with the feel and the result. I’m a senior player and after my first two rounds, more loft, more distance, and drives straighter. I know I’ve picked up 20-25 yards, and still improving. I let my buddy hit it, first swing, 285 yards! Which is 30-40 above his normal, and he’s also a senior! Service-price and result has been better than expected! I’m now looking at the irons! Very pleased." J.T. 

"Bought the new M80 Lightspeed SST driver with 48" shaft. Gained 35-40 yards over my other drivers." S.T.

"Due to my age I've become a short hitter only driving the ball around 160 yards. I've purchased numerous $400 drivers only to be disappointed by their performance. After reading about your drivers I decided to give one a try in hopes of getting a lttle more distance. You recommended the adjustable driver set at 13.5 loft with the super senior 48 gram shaft and I am amazed by the difference. The first round I played with it on a difficult course where I normally shoot 110 I had an 87. I averaged 20 to 25 yards farther which allowed me to reach many greens and birdied a long par 5 for the first time in years. I am once again excited about playing golf and will recommend your drivers to my friends. Thank you." P.K.  

"I'm 74 years old and I can't believe the distance I gained on my drives. I was hitting 150 - 175 yards. With the extra shaft length (M80 LightSpeed) I hit several drives 225 -250 yards straight down the middle of the fairway. My son and I played today and he could not beliieve it. Bottom line ... great driver." B.K.  

"I was looking for a driver that could get me 10 more yards. On your recommendation I bought your driver with ultra light 48 gram shaft and I did not end up with 10 yards - I got 30! I just wanted you to know that you make an excellent product. I even hit a 250 yard drive for the first time in years. In comparison it makes my Titleist driver look like a piece of $#%@."  D.K.. 

"All I can say is what a Driver. I gained approx.. 25 meters (30 yards)". B.B. South Africa. 

"I bought the senior M80 LightSpeed with 48" shaft. The driver is phenomenal ... close to a 40 yard increase. Thanks. W.P

"I'm in my late eighties but still play several times a week. As I have lost all my distance I was looking for a driver to help get a little more. You recommended your light weight driver with 48 gram shaft. It took a few rounds to get used to the longer length but now I'm averaging 15 yards more and my good hits get out about 30 yards farther. Very pleased." C.S. 

"I'm 62 years old and weigh 120lbs. Bought the M80 LightSpeed with the 48 gram shaft. Hitting drives over 250 yards as opposed to 220 before. I've been working on my technique and this weekend I consistently hit drives over 270 and four times at 300 with a little draw. Love this driver. Takes a little time to get use to the extra length." G.F. 

"I own a collection of drivers both American and Japanese and can assure you without any doubt that my M80 driver with Graman Gmaxxx 48 shaft is by far the longest and straightest driver in the world. I like its 57mm face height. Congratulations for a great design." J.L F.

"WOW! I have used your M80 driver for 3 years. Purchased the M80 LightSpeed 2 months ago - 10.5 loft at 47". Amazing accuracy and I have added 20+ yards off the tee. Ball flight is easier to control. The guys I play with cannot believe the increase in my distance and playing ability." D.H.

"I am 56 and have had many injuries to wrists, arms and back hindering me to about 78-83 mph swing speed. I purchased the M80 ultra light driver last Sept. and was amazed. I generally hit to about 210-215 and now I am between 240-250. Absolutely delighted." M.H. 

 """"""""???"""""""""Just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely satisfied with my M80 LightSpeed super senior driver. I didn't start playing the game until I reached the age of 74. I am now 77. My swing speed is inordinately low (70 mph). So after hitting the most expensive drivers i could find,(when I first started) my drives averaged 135 yards. I immediately started doing research on what to do about slow swing speeds. After a dozen or so senior drivers, I wound up with the Cobra S3 Max with the senior shaft. I then stepped up to the Cobra head with a custom Integra sooolong 45 gram ultra-lite shaft 48" long shaft. I was satisfied with 145 yard drives. Then I read about the M80 and with some skepticism I decided to try. My drives now range 165-170 yard straight down the middle. I did try one more custom driver which was the Integra 175 gram head with the ultra-light sooolong shaft but that took me back to the 145 range. So I now have a dozen or so drivers going on Ebay and one for my bag, the M80. I congratulate the engineers that made this phenomenal driver." B.B.

 """"   "   """          "JJJJJJ “I purchased the M80 LightSpeed driver and absolutely love it. Easy to swing and, yes, definitely 20-25 yards further. I’m 72 and the extra distance is wonderful. My drives used to average 205 but these were all around 230-235. I’ll be ordering the fairway woods and a driver for my wife.” Dr. M.M.

"This club ( Special Edition M80 LightSpeed) is a missile launching machine! My playing partners kept asking me what the heck I was using. Today I hit the club 284 yards on hole 9 of my home course." J.F. Spain 

“I can’t tell you how happy I am with the new driver. I’ve used long shafted drivers for years to get as much distance as possible so I ordered your M80 LightSpeed at 48”. Without exaggeration I have picked up as much as 40 yards more as measured by my laser rangefinder. In fact I just ordered a second one for my playing partner. Thank you. Very satisfied.” G.E.   

"I have purchased every TPF golf driver to date. The M80 LightSpeed is by far the longest and easiest to hit straight. I wanted a lower ball flight but had lots of doubt about a 9 degree at 48". Not anymore. I have gained 25 yards and have no trouble hitting the fairway. This is the best driver yet. I could not be more pleased. Thank you." J.A.  

"I purchased the LightSpeed driver at 47" with regular flex and I am more than impressed. I'm retired and play 4 to 5 times a week. I also own virtually all the top drivers from Callaway, Taylor, Cobra, Cleveland, etc. Even though your club is 1" to 2" longer than the others I actually hit it straighter and on average about 30 yards farther. After playing several rounds and hitting this driver heads up against my other clubs I would go so far to say that yours is the best on the market right now. I have let several of my playing partners hit it and they all agree. Thanks, you have a very satified customer." J.P.

"Amazing club. Just played in an outing with my new M80 LighSpeed and hit some tremendous drives. It's noticeably longer but easy to swing and I kept it in play all day. Hit one about 310! I let my buddy's father use it and he did not want to give it back. He's 72 and had just 125 yards left on a 425 yard par 4. He couldn't believe the difference it made. I've had several of your drivers in the past and liked them all but this is by far my favorite." J.B.

"Holy Cow, great driver! After one round I am hitting it around 240. That's 40 yards longer than ever. I'm 73 and love your product. Thanks again." R.M. 

"I received my new driver and took it out last evening for a test drive and it was better than I could have imagined. It was 30 yards better than my regular Ping I-20 and a few times I hit it 50 yards past the Ping. Stupid crazy long! Thanks." S.H. 

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my new Enhanced M80 driver. Took it to the course this weekend and it was 20 yards longer than the one I replaced. Straight down the middle once I had adjusted to it. Thanks. It is nice to find a product that is true to its claims." G.H.

 "Just to let you know I played with the new Special Edition club and my distance was markedly longer. I would say 25 to 40 yards. My playing partners remarked about the added distance. I will get longer once I refine the added length to my swing and stance. I will consider a 3 or 5 wood soon." D.H.

"Just wanted to check in and give you a report on the new driver. It is definitely a WINNER. I seem to hit it fairly high but the carry far exceeds any previous drivers. Our course was recently overseeded so carry and roll and total distance are hard to judge. However, I would say I am getting at least 20 yards more than I have been getting. Thanks for expediting the shipment - I appreciated it." J.H.

"I recently purchased the Special Edition M80 driver from you. This is by far the best driver I've ever owned in my 45 years of playing golf. I've gone from averaging 235 yards to 260 yards. A 25 yard increase in my distance. I'm 78 years old."  G.S.

"Being a very conservative and skeptical senior golfer (age 82) I ordered your M80 driver because I have been losing a great deal of distance off the tee. I've just finished two rounds of golf since I received the club and my golf buddies have accused me of taking steroids because I am getting over 210 yards from your club and even managed a 240 yard drive on three occasions. Thanks for making my golf outings a lot more fun." J.M.

"This is the best M80 so far. It is the best looking, best sounding and best feeling. Very long! Very forgiving! Thanks. M.L.

"I used it today for the first time. It met all my expectations. I am getting used to swinging it and control. I definitely hit it further and fairly consistently. I got 25 more yards and think I can get more when I really get used to it." Dr. R.A

"I play twice a week and being over 60 years old I had lost distance with the driver and this club gave it back to me. Hitting it 250-260 off the tee. I wish I had one twenty years ago." J.P.

"I will continue to use your products and keep recommending them to others. All of us that have switched to the M80 agree it is absolutely the best distance club on the market. 20 yards longer than my R11." C.B.

"Finally had a chance to hit the new M80. When you find the sweetspot you can almost feel the ball as it comes off the face. It's definitely added at least 20 to 25 yards over my Callaway FT IQ." C.G.

"The weather here in Germany is miserable from September to April. I haven't swung a club in 5 months. Anyway, I must commend you on your drivers. At setup I found the face of the draw bias 10.5 degree to be closed to a comforting level without being shut so much that I worry about pulling it left.  My very first swing was center of the club face and went straight up the middle on a medium trajectory eventually landing in a portion of the driving range that no ball ever struck by me had ever reached - around 250. If the conditions hadn't been so mucky I'm sure I would have gotten some nice roll as well. Bravo. This is coming from a guy that routinely hits OEM drivers under 200 yards. My subsequent swings were not as spectacular but even the push/fade I was putting on the ball was nowhere near as severe as the push/slices I was hitting with the 11.5 MacGregor Draw ( a club I swore by until now) or the 9.5 Mizuno MX700 I was trying at the same time. The Graman shaft is wonderful and the grip is tops as well. I will share with you that I have tried other drivers before. Most recently, another driver which has a .900 COR but was completely un-hittable for me as it has no Draw Bias and the walls are so thin I shanked a ball off the heel and dented it! Your driver by contrast appears to be very sturdy. Once again, well done and I may buy the offset driver for those days that I can't make a good swing to save my life. Thanks. M.W.

"I am 65 years old and have had more surgeries and medical problems than I care to talk about. However, I astonish everyone with the length that I get off the tee with my unorthodox swing which I had to develop in order to keep playing. I am consistently driving the ball 250 yards or more with the occasional drive of 290-300 with the wind at my back with the M80 driver. No other club has performed that well for me." T.K.  

"I was surprised when I hit one off the first tee 20 yards farther than normal with no roll on a rainy day. On one hole I out-drove my competitor by 50 yards. Thanks." T.G.

"Your driver has made a big difference. I was averaging 180-200 off the tee. Now I'm averaging 215-230. Plus, for the first time ever I hit a drive 280. That may not be far for some players but I'm 80 years old. My friends and I could not believe it.  Thank you. Your product has made golf fun again." N.F.

"I tested my new M80 against my Callaway FT IQ during a round of golf. After hitting both drivers on numerous holes I walked off the difference. The M80 averaged 20 to 40 yards more with one 50 yards farther. Pretty incredible. It's the longest driver I have ever hit" J.P.

"Incredible improvement from the M80 driver. I am 62 and have lost 40 yards to an appalling 205 yards. With the M80 I am now hitting my drives to 240 yards. This has enabled me to go into most greens with an iron instead of a wood. My handicap has decreased 7 strokes!! Thank you for manufacturing a great driver." N.A.

"It may sound unbelievable but I have gained as much as 40 yards. At 73 I was averaging about 215, with the M80 I am out there 250 plus. Suffice it to say I'm more then pleased. K.L. 

"What you advertise is true. Your driver is the longest I have ever hit. I would recommend it to anyone." E.P.

"Many thanks. Well struck, it's 35 yds longer than my 2 other drivers." B.L. 

"I have to say I was a little bit skeptical about the club's potential. I just want to tell you after trying this weapon for the first time I am now a big believer in your driver. It is incredible, with the same head speed (95 mph) I went from 230 to over 250. My personal best was 267. Thank you. F.B.

"Yes, absolutely. It does go farther. Very far. I've still yet to develop 100% confidence in it as I've only played twice with it and it's a bit different than what I was used to but it is loud and long. I used a Ping 8.5 degree before and was 280 to 290. This is going 320. I know that sounds exaggerated but I've carefully kept tabs at the local range. I'm in need of a fairway wood and no doubt will be getting yours."  J.N.

"Embarrassingly long. I almost drove the first hole at my course which is 358 yards. It comes off the face like a rocket. The easier I swing the farther it goes. Fun!" R.C.

"I think your driver is the most advanced and longest driver out there by a mile. You guys are selling a Ferrari at Ford prices." N.F.

"I received my M80 driver today and took it out to the club. After hitting your club ( 50 balls ) and my other driver - Cleveland XLS - ( 50 balls ) I added up the numbers and got an additional 26 yards. Oh yea, it did go much straighter." M.H. 

"So far my best drive has been 345 yards. I tried a lot of .860 COR drivers but nothing comes close to this one" T.P.

"It took me a round of golf to figure out the right ball position and now I'm getting 30 - 35 yards more distance. Seriously! I can't believe how far this club hits. What a difference it's made for my game." A.D.

"You were absolutely right. The first time out I hit 12 out of 14 drives straight down the middle and farther than I ever hit a driver before. Excellent club."  A.T.

"I have played two rounds with my new SuperSpeed driver and it's true - it really is longer. I am now outdriving my R7 by a good 20 to 25 yards and what an incredible amount of roll distance I get after it lands.  J.P. 

"Just wanted you to know that my wife hit her very first drive 30 yards farther with the SuperSpeed. Both she and I are ecstatic with the clubs. I shouldn't say this but you should raise the price on them. Terrific product.   J.B. 

"My friend let me play a round with his M80 SuperSpeed and I could not believe it. Every drive was longer by 25 yards or more. Needless to say I'm ordering one right now."  B.A.

"Of all the drivers I have purchased this is the first one that actually made a difference in distance. Great club." G.L.

"Without a doubt, the SuperSpeed gives me 20 to 30 yards more than my other drivers. I am ordering a second one today."  Dr. R.A.

" I've tried lots of supposed "high COR" drivers but have never hit anything anywhere near as far as this!  K.G.

"I'm a tall skinny senior with an 80 mph swing speed on a good day. Your M80 driver has helped me add 20 plus yards on my drives not to mention it goes straighter. "   S.R. 

" Took my M80 out to the range today and it easily outperformed my Cleveland ( Japanese version/ .860 COR ). My best guess is an additional 20 yards." L.M.

" To tell you the truth I was skeptical about this driver. Thought it might be just another gimmick. But I can honestly say that it works. I'm getting the high trajectory and long carry you describe. Plus my distance is considerably longer than any of my other drivers. Thanks."   R.H. 

" 20 yards longer than my other non conforming drivers."   W.G.

" Long? I've gone from 220 - 230 yard drives to 260! This is some club. "  R.R.

" I love it. Longer and straighter than I've ever hit a driver before. " T.K.

" Wow! High launch and incredible carry distance. I feel like a tour player on the tee. " D.M

" I picked up 30 plus yards " T.D.

"I've been playing golf over 50 years and I've never had a driver like this. At 80 years old I was hitting the ball around 180 yards off the tee. Now I'm able to drive the green on the 230 yard hole at my course. ." E.G.

"Every year I demo the newest drivers at my local driving range. No other driver can compare in the important areas: feel, forgiveness and, most important, distance. T.C. 

"I gained at least 20 yards. The guys I play with can't believe it and they all want to try my new driver." R.N.

 "Amazing! Added 30 yards to my drives."  Dr. S.P. 

" I tried my new driver and it most certainly does give me the added distance that I wanted. At least 20 yards plus." M.M.

" As a senior golfer your 11 degree driver gives me the added loft I need with an added 15 to 20 yards over my Cobra. Great club. I'm enjoying the game again. G.M.

" The ball explodes off the face. I know I hit the ball consistently 30 yards further than I do with a regular Cobra M-Speed. I am 60 years old. My swing speed is in the high 80's to sometimes low 90's - I was getting 260! A couple of times even more. It had been awhile since I have seen those distances. "  B.G.    

*Actual golfer results. Individual results may vary. 


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