Offset M80 LightSpeed

 Increases club head speed & combats fades & slices for the longest, straightest drives

available in:

Special Edition: for senior players and moderate to slow speeds below 89mph, &

     Enhanced: for golfers with swing speeds above 90 mph

                                     For golfers seeking maximum distance drives & anti slice technology
Longer distance and straighter drives. That is the result when a unique offset hosel combines with advanced titanium and the power of leverage to produce significantly longer, down the middle drives. Available in two versions: one for senior players the other for average golfers, the all new Offset M80 LightSpeed drivers deliver the longest distance with less effort.
Engineered to help correct the improper impact positions causing fades and slices, the special offset hosel positions the hitting surface of the driver behind the shaft. This position allows the club face to square more easily helping to eliminate the side spin which produces a slice while increasing energy transfer at impact.  Proven to maximize swing speed, the Offset M80 LightSpeed employs an adjustable light weight club head with a longer shaft length. Testing has shown that a club with optimum head weight and length can generate as much as 10% more club head speed without any increase in effort. By swinging smoothly, distance increases while control remains constant - even for golfers who have never used longer shaft lengths.
Milled to heighten performance, the Offset M80 LightSpeed  is constructed with Aerospace Beta titanium which maximizes ball speed through its high COR properties. In concert with weight and length optimization the cumulative effects of increased club head and ball speed allow golfers to reach their maximum distance potential. Featuring a deeper, multi thickness hitting surface both forgiveness and distance are improved on off center hits while offering increased confidence at address.  
Designed for use at lengths from 46” to 48” the club heads are available in two weights to optimize performance at specific lengths. The 190 gram club head (standard driver heads are 200 grams) is recommended for 47” to 48” lengths while the 195 gram club head is best suited for 46” to 46.5” lengths. These weights and lengths provide the ideal swingweights to help keep the muscles relaxed during the swing prompting the fastest swing speeds while maintaining control. Combined with Aerospace Beta titanium, more swing speed and increased ball speed result in significant distance gains. All thanks to advanced titanium and the power of leverage.  

Available in two versions, performance is tuned for specific swing speed ranges. The Special Edition Offset M80 LightSpeed is geared for senior golfers and moderate to slow swing speeds. The club head is modified to react to swing speeds below 89mph with greater impact power. The Enhanced Offset M80 LightSpeed is intended for golfers with swing speeds above 90mph. Its variant hitting surface reacts to higher speeds with improved ball speed and better control. Whichever one fits, both drivers allow golfers the ability to maximize distance through a club that is not just light weight but the right weight. Easy to swing it combines power and performance with the speed of light.

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Available in driver head only or assembled with G60 60 gram ultra light graphite, the all new GMAXX 48 gram ultra light graphite – the only premium ultra light shaft specifically designed for senior players ages 50 and older  and the Vizion 55 gram ultra light graphite. See below for details.

G60 by Graman – Designed for golfers with faster, more agressive swing tempos  seeking stability, consistency and control together with increased club head speed for greater distance. Manufactured with extremely precise symmetry and low torque using state of the art technology and the finest raw materials available in the world. Factory spine aligned and frequency certified to insure unmatched performance. Available in Stiff (94– 105mph), Regular (83-94mph) and Senior (83mph and below). Weight: 60 grams, Torque: 3.3, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Liquid Silver.     

 GMAXXX 48  by Graman– Designed exclusively for senior golfers who desire maximum club head speed for the absolute longest distance with accuracy and control. Each shaft is manufactured with the highest strain graphite fibers produced by Mitsubishi Rayon of Japan. Constructed with multiple high modulus, high strain micro plies for unmatched consistency, responsiveness and feel with ultra low spin rate. Frequency certified and factory spine aligned to insure total performance. Available in 4 flexes to fit the needs of all senior swing speed ranges - Stiff ( 92-100mph), Regular (84-92mph), Senior (76-84mph) and Super Senior ( 75mph and below).  Weight: 48 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Metallic Burgundy. 

Vizion by Accuflex - This 55 gram ultra light graphite is filament wound for 360 degree consistency. Featuring a unique load profile the shaft stores energy during the backswing and unloads through impact allowing golfers to make an easy swing motion while delivering increased club head speed for effortless power. A perennial favorite among golfers of all handicaps it offers both excellent value and performance. Available in Stiff (90 - 100mph), Regular (80 - 89mph), Senior (70 - 79mph) and SuperSenior (below 69mph). Weight: 55 grams, Torque: 4.8, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: White  



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Specifications +/-

Lie Angle 57
Face Angle -0.5
Weight 190/195 gms
Hosel Bore .335
Lofts 9.5, 10.5 & 12.5
Right Hand Only


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(Did you know? Many websites PAY for the reviews they use on their products. We use only unsolicited testimonials that have been voluntarily submitted by actual customers who have purcahsed our products.)


"I got a 5 and 9 wood and the senior offset adjustable driver. The clubs are very good. The new driver goes easily 20 meters longer then my old one." B.S. Norway 

"Bought the adjustable offset M80 driver for seniors. 25-30 much needed yards further than my Cobra and straighter as well. Square club face setting seems to be the ticket." G.R. 

"I am absolutely delighted with my new driver and the 3 and 5 woods that I purchased. I am pleased to confirm that all of the claims made on the website are completely justfied. My handicap has come down from 27 to 21 and I believe I am capable of taking it lower.

No one at my club had heard of TPF Golf but there is a great deal of interest from other veteran golfers since I have been on the winners list each week for the past 5 weeks. The biggest difference in my game has been the driver I purchased from you - an Offset M80 LightSpeed with Gmaxx 48 senior flex 47" shaft. The light shaft enables me to swing much faster and I'm getting up to 50 meters further than my old offset driver." P.S. Australia  

 "Purchased the adjustable offset driver and it works great. Set it for the closed anti slice position and I'm hitting fairways now instead of the right rough. My distance also increased quite a bit. My playing partners tried it too. They use regular drivers and set it for draw bias and hit high draws that went farther than their own drivers. I know 2 of them are thinking of ordering one. Thanks, I'm really enjoying it." D.B

"I want to say thank you. You were right. I bought the senior offset LightSpeed driver and I do hit it at least 25 yards further. So I bought the 3 wood and love it also." K.S. 

"I'm 80 years old and always looking for clubs that can help me hit straight and farther. I purchased your senior offset LightSpeed driver and all 4 offset fairway woods. I played my first round with the new clubs with my daughter and grandson and outdrove them on every hole ( which I never do ). They commented on how far and straight I was hitting all my shots and I ended up shooting my best round of the year so far. Just wanted to say thank you for making me feel young again." B. H.   

  "Purchased your offset driver a few weeks ago. First time using it I was disappointed big time. A couple of days later the same experience. Took it out of my bag, stuck it in my playroom closet never to see the light of day again ... or so I thought. Last week I went to the range and took it with me - don't know why but I did. What happened after about 15-20 drives, the feel of the club suddenly came into being. Started pounding the ball. The next day I took it to the course. I hit EVERY drive on the holes I used it like I was a young turk. Absolutely almost dead center and 250-260 yards. By the way ... I'm 83 years old. Nuff said!" N.C. 

"I purchased the offset M80 LightSpeed and it's the best driver I've ever had. I just line it up and hit it straight or with a soft draw and it has added at least 25 yards to my drives." S.G. 

 “I just returned from a golf trip to Florida and wanted to let you know how well the Offset LightSpeed driver worked. These were my first rounds of the year and I gained 25 yards with the driver and stayed in the fairway. For my second round I was partnered with another snowbird who was fading his new Taylor Made driver so I let him try my driver on the 10th hole. After he pounded it straight down the middle he asked if he could use it for the rest of the back nine. I’m sure you’ll be getting his order shortly. Thank you. This made my trip very enjoyable.” R.C.

"Best driver that I have ever owned and hit. I am 69, 5''5" 140lbs and have added 20-30 yards off the tee and consistently hit a soft draw." L.D..

"I bought your Offset M80 Anti Slice driver and I must say it gave me an extra 35 yards STRAIGHT down the middle. Where ever I aim, that's where the ball goes. Best $200 I ever spent. I also bought the 3 wood. Again, same results. Picks the ball right up and goes straight. Love it. Makes getting down the fairway enjoyable. No zig zagging." J.M. 

"I ordered the offset M80 Special Edition driver head and fitted it with a 75 gram shaft. I am hitting my drives high and 20 to 30 yards farther than my R11." J.J. South Africa

"I have an offset M80 senior driver with a 45 gram regular shaft and have found it amazing. Using it in conjunction with Bridgestone balls I have added significant yards to my drives. Cheers." B.T. Australia

 """""      'I received my M80 offset driver with senior shaft today. I live around the corner from a very nice golf course so I immediatly went to the driving range to see how much money I wasted this time. Twenty balls later I new I had a winner. I took the rest of the bucket back to the club house and purchased a nine hole round. At the 4th tee I drove 6 balls off the tee right down the fairway 190 to 230 yds. This can only get better." L.A.

"Just wanted to add my two cents to the accolades. Found my new offset driver sitting on the porch and figured it was a good time to test it. You & everyone else may think I'm BS'n but this driver has added 50 to 60 yards right out of the box for me. The R7, R9 and R11 are headed to Ebay. They just can't keep up with the M80. Awesome!" J.B.

"I tried it today. The first four balls on the range were a slice but after that every hit started to go straight and very long. I am very happy with this driver. It is better than my Cobra. Thank you for fast and good service." B.S. Norway

"My father has a reputation for buying all sorts of gimmick clubs. So I was not surprised when he showed up for our round with a new club: the M80 Offset. However, after watching him hit the driver I was speechless. The very first hole he hit a 290 yard drive and straight! All day long he was driving the ball huge with his best drive of the day at 315 yards. Now I have no choice but to order one for myself. That's going to make my father mad but I can't let him have that kind of advantage over me. I can't wait to try my new club." R.B.

"Wow! I've now used this offset driver for about a month and, yes,  it is amazingly long and straight. Your ads are true to their word. S.S.

“I’m 50 and a slicer and my handicap is 20-25. I had my first round with the new M80 offset. It was the talking point before I started and everybody was watching to see how it would perform. My first tee shot went 100 yards along the ground. My first thoughts were “I’ve been ripped off!” My group all had those smiles on their faces, you know, Thank God it’s him and not me. But being nervous I teed it too low. The second shot went left. Straight but left. No slice! After adjusting my ball position I got the drives I was hoping for. The 16th hole is 310 yards. To the gasping sound of my group we watched it fly just off the green 295 yards. Needless to say the driver was a talking point again. I hit 80% of the fairways and had 80% chipping onto the green which gave me 2 birdies and 4 pars. I won my match and didn’t have to buy the drinks. The M80 has done two things for me: it has given me more distance (20-30 yards) but far more importantly it has given me the confidence to address the ball and hit it straight without fear or doubt. That alone is worth the money I spent on it. So a Big Thank you for a great product.” S.R. Australia

"I got my driver today. It's awesome, hits 40 yards farther and it's like throwing darts. Thanks. R.K. 

"I just wanted to tell you that after spending over thirty thousand dollars on golf equipment in my lifetime yours is the first product that made me say WOW! I got the yardage you promised and the reduced spin. Also, your attention to my order was outstanding. Thank you." T.S.

"I am really loving the driver. Picked up about 40 yards and dead down the middle." J.G.

"I just wanted to rave about your Offset M80 driver.  First time on a golf course this year and first time hitting this driver I hit consistently 25 yards farther with a lot less effort than my old driver. Out of 18 holes I had 2 miss hits and that was my bad swing mechanics. You have an excellent product." G.K.

"The Offset M80 is the most incredible driver I have ever played with. I am an 8 handicap but I struggled from time to time with a fade and slice. I have been through 6 different drivers over the past year trying to get the club that fit my swing. All I can say is that the M80 is amazing and straight every time." J.C.

"I wanted to say thank you. I played my first round with my new M80 offset and for the first time ever I hit 12 of 14 fairways. As the round went on I got more and more confident and began to hit some real long drives. This driver is perfect for golfers like me who have no time to practice and battle a slice. Thanks again." G.K.

"The M80 Offset is the best I have ever used. It has given me more distance and straighter drives. My playing partners cannot believe how far this old man can hit the ball."  R.B.

"I'm very happy with this club as it has added 30-50 yards on center hits and acceptable drives on toe and heel . Wow, what a club for buying it sight unseen and it is everything you said it would be and more. My playing partners are taking notice how well this driver performs. Thanks for this great club. M.M.

" I got a chance to test your Offset SuperSpeed against my Cobra Offset during a casual round of golf. I must admit your driver out hit my Cobra by about 25 yards virtually every time. Both myself and my other playing partner will be ordering one this week. " F.D.  

"Being a high handicap player the driver used to be more an enemy than a friend. No distance, slicing - you name it I did it. I discovered your M80 Offset and I must say the results I get are FANTASTIC! Drives of 250 yards straight as an arrow. Without any doubt my best purchase yet! " I.V.

" I ordered my Offset M80 4 months ago and my handicap has dropped by 7. I am hitting the ball straighter and farther than I have ever hit it before. Thanks for a great club. " R.G.

" Excellent. I've never had such success off the tee - every drive as straight as an arrow and with great length. " G.K.

My new Offset SuperSpeed driver is amazing. I just played several rounds of golf with it and hit a number of drives 300 yards and I’m 70 years old. I was even out-driving my son and hitting it straight. Just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful driver.”   J.N.

" Wow! This is some awesome driver. It's better than all of the drivers I have purchased including a Taylor Made R-7 and Callaway Big Bertha. Easily 30 - 40 yards further. I hit a 280+ yard drive for the first time in my life. The offset also eliminated the slicing tendency that I have with the other drivers with off center hits becoming slight fades instead of a huge slice. Thanks.   A.O.

" I built the offset M80  8 degree for my father-in-law and the head is fantastic. It absolutely lives up to its reputation and reviews. Very solid feel and great sound. He hit it straight and long right away. Now that he has had it for a couple of weeks he is becoming more and more comfortable with it and hitting it even longer. Great product. Thanks for the great advice and even better customer service. " J.B.

" It's like lighting in a bottle. I am crushing the ball off the tee and even able to draw it from time to time. I am averaging about 260 and have hit 2 over 300 yards. "   R.K.

" At 72 years old I just hit 4 drives in a row 250 to 260 yards straight down the middle. At least 20 yards longer than my other driver. Great club. "   A. D.

" I love the driver. I have never hit the ball longer and most importantly straighter. I took 8 strokes off the first time I used it. The best club I ever purchased. "  P.B.

" I've never hit a driver straighter. Your claim that the club is virtually "slice proof" is 100% accurate. As I adjusted to the new driver, my drives continued to stay straight and the distance just kept getting longer and longer and longer. By the end of the second round, I was convinced that I've never had a driver that compares.

I've been playing golf for 5 years. I've spent a small fortune looking for every yard I can find. It's not unlike me to invest multi-thousands buying the latest and greatest. I own Cleveland, Taylor Made, KZG, Callaway and King Cobra drivers. I've tried every one at $350 to $500 a pop. Money has never been the issue. Maximizing my golf game was the goal.

I can honestly say that in the last five years, I've never been more satisfied or impressed with a golf club. Every claim you advertise is 100 percent true.

Words are cheap. You can tell what a customer thinks when they are willing to put their money where their mouth is. I am so impressed with the driver that I'll probably order a second. I would also be curious to try the fairway wood.

No lie, I'll bet you I've spent at least $10,000 in the the last five years chasing a golf game. The best $200 I ever spent was the money I spent with you."   M.S. 

" the first day I took my Aerospace Offset out, even though the wind was in my face, I was able to get a great launch and drove the ball 25 to 30 yards farther. This is an awesome driver and I expect to do even better on a good day. This driver is well worth the price. Thank you. "  J.V.

" For the first time in my life I hit every fairway! Fantastic club. Being in the fairway for the second shot on every hole is a real treat. Distance was about 20 yards greater than usual. Thanks for such a great club. " J.H.

" it really does go farther "    S.G.

" What a driver - easily 45 yards gained. "  S.S.

Actual golfer results. Individual results can vary.


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Utilizing state-of-the-art USA made Aerospace Beta Titanium the M80 SuperSpeed drivers maximize spring effect for the highest ball speed. Constructed with high COR Aerospace Beta titanium hitting surfaceshave indicated COR values above .900. Tthis results in significantly enhanced distance performance and may be considered to be non-conforming drivers. Intended for use in casual, non competitive play golfers should consult their club, organization or association before use in competitive events.